What is eNotary Now LLC?

eNotary Now LLC is an electronic notary public platform and software service that caters to credit repair companies, allowing businesses and individuals to complete the notarization process entirely online/remotely.

How does eNotary Now LLC work?

eNotary Now LLC is an electronic notary public platform and software service offered to clients online. eNotary Now LLC service enables a face-to-face meeting with an electronic notary, just like meeting with a traditional notary public in-person. After confirmation of ID, the notary witnesses the signing and thereafter affixes his notarial act.

What types of documents can be notarized using this service?

Laws at the federal and state level provide for electronic signing of documents across virtually all categories of everyday forms, contracts, and transactions. However, we cater mostly for the remote notarization of credit repair papers.

How much does it cost notarize a document?

We charge a non-refundable fee of $20 for each notarization, which includes the fee for the notarial act and for use of our platform and services. This price is at a discount compared to similar online notaries.

Are Notaries required to keep an electronic register of my electronic video notarial acts?

Yes. This includes secure access and control, with regards to video notarization a record of the notarial ceremony must be retained in a secure environment for 5 years. The electronic journal must allow entries to be made, viewed, printed out, and copied all under control of the notary. Access is obtained by at least one factor of authentication such as a password, biometric verification, token, or other forms of authentication. (b) Not allow a record entry to be deleted or altered in content or sequence by the electronic notary or any other person after a record of the electronic notarization is entered and stored. (c) Have a backup system in place to provide a duplicate electronic record of notarial acts as a precaution in the event of loss of the original record.

How do I know if the person signing the document is not under duress from an off-camera source?

As you know any document signed under duress is not enforceable and is a violation of law by its commission. From a practical matter, if a document is signed face to face, the notary has no additional assurances that duress is not being applied from a source not present or within view. Certainly, the notary, if there is any suspicion, can ask the signatory that question. Remember this process is recorded, so any activity is readily available for contestation. If the notary is concerned with this, they can record the signers free will statement.

If eNotary Now LLC is unable to Notarize a particular document, will I be charged?

eNotary Now LLC will only charge the $20 fee for successful notarizations. If we are unable to process any document, the session will be terminated without cost to you.

What are the advantages of electronic notarization?

eNotary Now LLC offers unparalleled convenience for consumers looking to e-Notarize a document securely at any time and from any location. e-Notarize also dramatically improve the work process for credit repair institutions that require e-Notarized documents in their operations.

Can I electronically notarize a document if I do not speak English?

Not at this time. We cannot notarize a document if you and our notary cannot communicate directly with each other and understand each other. Unfortunately, a notary cannot notarize a document through an interpreter.